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If self-doubt is holding you back in your relationships, career, creativity or your business, Courage & Spice is especially for you. You’ll find rich and inspiring conversations about the phenomenon of self-doubt - including real-life stories and research-led approaches to help you navigate through it.

I’m Sas Petherick and my work is all about helping you cultivate self-belief - my Master's research was a deep study into the phenomenological experience of self-doubt - I’m absolutely fascinated by it. Enjoy!

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Oct 31, 2019

Cognitive Restructuring is based on the principle that how we feel emotionally and what we do behaviourally, is not the result of what happens to us, but instead, it’s down to how we think about what happens to us. 

This means that we can change how we feel and what we do by changing what we believe about what happens...

Oct 24, 2019

Your voice is the one you hear most often, is it kind?

So much mental and emotional suffering comes from the way we talk to ourselves in our own minds.

Over time, the beliefs and behaviours we repeat to ourselves become habitual. Just like we all have physical habits—brushing our teeth before bed, twirling our hair...

Oct 17, 2019

Unconditional Self-acceptance means that we fully and unconditionally accept ourselves regardless of our competence, and whether or not other people approve, respect, or love us.

With self-acceptance, if we mess up, we understand that we’ve messed up. That’s it. No unfavourable judgement. No feeling bad. Hence, no...

Oct 3, 2019

High self-esteem is something many of us desire, its the source of a squillion Pinterest quotes, we tend to worry if our kids don’t have enough of it, it seems to be the secret to professional and personal achievements which is probably why parents, teachers, therapists and coaches bang-on about its many benefits.