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If self-doubt is holding you back in your relationships, career, creativity or your business, Courage & Spice is especially for you. You’ll find rich and inspiring conversations about the phenomenon of self-doubt - including real-life stories and research-led approaches to help you navigate through it.

I’m Sas Petherick and my work is all about helping you cultivate self-belief - my Master's research was a deep study into the phenomenological experience of self-doubt - I’m absolutely fascinated by it. Enjoy!

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Nov 21, 2019

Because of the emails and messages, you all send me I know that if you are listening to this podcast, you are interested in your own development as a human and you tend to be self-reflective (which is one of the best things I believe anyone can be).

And I know many of you are also coaches and therapists - I work with a lot of colleagues to help set up a sustainable practice and navigate the inevitable self-doubt that crops up when we embark on putting our hearts work in the world.

So as a self-reflective human or a fellow practitioner, you are more likely than the average bear, to seek out coaching support.

This episode is designed to support you to make good choices if you are 'coaching curious' — to understand a bit more about the value of coaching and how to get the most from a coaching experience. 

In the show notes, you'll find a guide for some excellent coaches you can work with.