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If self-doubt is holding you back in your relationships, career, creativity or your business, Courage & Spice is especially for you. You’ll find rich and inspiring conversations about the phenomenon of self-doubt - including real-life stories and research-led approaches to help you navigate through it.

I’m Sas Petherick and my work is all about helping you cultivate self-belief - my Master's research was a deep study into the phenomenological experience of self-doubt - I’m absolutely fascinated by it. Enjoy!

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Nov 28, 2018

Paul Jarvis is the author of Company of One: Why Staying Small is The Next Big Thing In Business. He also makes software, teaches popular online business courses and for the last two decades has been a web designer.

Paul has worked with professional athletes like Steve Nash and Shaquille O’Neal, corporate giants like Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz, and entrepreneurs with online empires like Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. And he's written for Wired, USAToday, Fast Company, Forbes and loads of other snazzy publications.

Paul has one of the most thoughtful newsletters for business owners on the internet - I highly recommend signing up for his Sunday Dispatches.

We talk about what it has been like to grow up with the Internet, why growth isn't always the best thing for your business, why simplicity and elegance are solo business owners' greatest tools and how to find your 'Rat People'.